Woodfine Capital Projects is an alternative asset manager founded on 30 years of experience in the business of the procurement, development, and management of real property. We currently develop four classes of LEED-certified properties in or near big-box retail centres in North America.

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Alignment Of Interests

Woodfine’s equity interest in each of our partnerships is held solely through the ownership of the units. Woodfine cannot dispose of its interest until distributions equal capital contributions.


Because our partnerships are regulated as public companies, their units are freely transferable and can be bought and sold at any time without the consent of Woodfine or other unit holders.

Low Fees

Woodfine charges a single fee, which is calculated using the gross funded value rather than the net asset value, so our fees do not increase as the value of the assets grows.


Our partnerships are closed-end with a fixed gross funded value, a feature that drives increasing yield over time, after an initial period. Increases in maximum subscribed capital are not permitted.

Capital Appreciation

As proxy developers, investors will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of equity during the development process.

Reduced Volatility

The net asset value of each partnership is not correlated to the stock market. Net asset values are posted quarterly and determined by third-party property appraisers.

No Bank Debt

As reporting issuers, our partnerships may issue their own first secured mortgage debentures in order to fund new buildings, rather than placing third-party bank debt on the properties.

Qualified Investments

Prospective project sites and buildings must meet specific parameters before any project can be approved by an independent board of directors.