Distributions That Increase Over Time

Our partnerships are closed-end funds that do not accept new subscriptions after an initial period.

As each new property is completed after the initial period, increased cash flow is distributed among the same number of partnership units, resulting in higher distributions per unit with no dilution of the original gross funded value of the partnership.


Years circle 1

Procurement: The first buildings are constructed using cash from the sale of partnership units. Unit holders do not yet receive any distributions, but are projected to realize a gain in value due to development profits.

Years circle 2

Development: The first buildings are projected to be leased, with resulting cash distributions to holders of Units. The Woodfine LP plans to leverage the equity in the completed buildings by issuing first secured mortgage debentures, so that the construction of a new building may begin.

Years circle 3

Management: The original equity buildings and newly financed buildings are projected to have reached completion. Projections assume that rents increase and 10% of distributed income is used to buy back debentures, so that debt is reduced, allowing distributions to increase each year.

Distribution growth