A Cyclical Process That Delivers Consistent Results

A typical investment cycle has four phases: planning, implementation, monitoring, and critical analysis. By recognizing these four phases, we attempt to maintain a balance between hindsight and foresight in all our projects.


Opportunities are sourced by identifying distinct competitive advantages in a given market, followed by extensive due diligence and risk evaluation for each proposed development. Projects that meet rigorous standards and present clear potential for value creation are presented to the board of independent directors.


Upon approval of each project plan, our integrated design-build process begins. The approach ensures an incorporated development process that includes site acquisition, construction, and leasing, as well as adherence to budget and time constraints.


Supervising the property managers for each project helps ensure optimal results. Consistent quarterly statements and annual reports, which include independent appraisals of net asset values, serve as reliable and ongoing overviews of each project.


We regularly and rigorously evaluate each project during its lifespan. Any necessary real-time changes are made based on our monitoring process. Upon completion, we analyze projects for ways to improve the process going forward.